The Globe as you know it is changing.
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The Globe as you know it is changing.

Since 2007, Southeast Asia Globe has been a space for some of the region’s best writers and photographers to take our readers behind the headlines into the stories that shape people’s lives. Every month, you could expect to pick up our latest print edition and find high-quality journalism, analysis and artwork waiting on every page. And since 2007, we’ve fought to uphold our promise of quality and independence to you, our readers.

But, like we said, the world is changing. Print publications just aren’t reaching the audiences they need to fulfil their promise of informing, educating and entertaining the public. Advertisers continue to invest in digital platforms while printing costs creep ever higher. Print may not be dead, but it’s fighting for its life. And we’re tired of waiting by a sickbed for its condition to improve. We want to be present at the birth of something new.

That’s why Southeast Asia Globe is relaunching as a member-driven platform featuring daily long-form features combining world-class journalism with enthralling art design and data-centered tech. Through our core pillars – Power, Money, Life and Earth – we are focusing in on the central issues that our readers have always engaged with most, with the same in-depth coverage of politics, business, social affairs and the environment that you’ve come to expect since 2007.

But leaving print behind us doesn’t just save our backs from lugging stacks of magazines across Southeast Asia. It opens up a global readership who don’t just want to read the news, but have a say in the stories that we tell and the way that we tell them. We’re not asking you to take out another magazine subscription – our stories are open to all. What we’re offering our members is a space where they can pitch and vote on the stories that they think deserve to be told. We want to inspire an engaged and active community of members who vote for, comment on and contribute to the stories that matter most to them. We want to work with our members to curate the way they engage with the news – not just as readers, but as an active extension of our editorial team.

That’s how we’re changing to bring you great stories. Here’s how we’re not.

We’re independent. Always have been, always will be. We’re not owned by any corporation or aligned with any state. We choose the stories that we tell, and the way that we tell them.

We’re creative. We’re not interested in churning out breaking news stories on the hour, every hour. We believe that the best stories are the ones that come alive on the page, digging deeper into the issues that shape Southeast Asia – and bringing you along for the ride. From our dedicated designers to our new software development team, our commitment is to constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways of reaching out to our readers.

We’re open. Challenging governments, NGOs and businesses to be transparent with the public means nothing if we keep our own readers in the dark. That’s why we will be completely open about why we tell the stories that we tell – and how we pay for them. Work with us to build something that endures where many media fail, and decide with us exactly where that money is going.

Above all, we’re optimistic. And yeah, we know what you’re thinking. Faced with impending climate collapse, the rise of right-wing authoritarian governments across the world, widening wealth and income inequality and deepening divisions rooted in race or gender or creed, it’s hard not to open the papers and feel the weight of the world pressing down. But we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t believe that when people work together, they can make their little corner of the world a more just, open and equal place.

And that’s why we can’t do this without you. We believe that across the globe is a community of people who care deeply about social justice, environmental action and press freedom – and who will join in to help make those ideals a reality. We’re not just holding our hand out – we need your voice to play a vital role in building Southeast Asia Globe into a leading space for progressive causes in the region. Tell us what stories the mainstream media is missing. Share with us the causes that matter most to you, and how we can champion those causes not just across Southeast Asia, but the world.

Our vision is clear. By 2025, we want to be recognised for building a great space for outstanding journalists from across the region to explore new ways of telling Southeast Asia’s most vital stories. Let’s bring together a community of engaged and loyal members who want to help reshape the media rather than just read it. And we want to reach a point where our readers, not advertisers, are the ones working to support our shared vision of an inclusive media.

We can’t do this without you. Let’s get together and build something that we all believe in.

If you’re interested in joining us, sign up to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. And watch this space.

Where to find us in print

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Phnom Penh

  • U 6 Minimart
  • 7 Mart
  • 724 Mini Mart
  • AngkorThom Book Center
  • Bayon Super Market
  • Bohr’s Books
  • Casalica Stop
  • Daily Mini Mart
  • Dan Meats
  • Deli Café
  • D’s Books
  • Freebird Restaurant
  • Happy Farm
  • Harmony Café
  • IBC Monivong
  • IBC Sihanouk
  • IBC Kampuchea Krom
  • IBC Mao Tse Toung
  • IFL
  • Java Café & Gallery
  • La Croissette
  • Librarie Carnets d’asie (CCF)
  • National Museum
  • Nature and Sea
  • Natural Garden Mart
  • Monument Books
  • Momument B. Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Thai Huot Supermarket
  • One More Restaurant
  • Only you Mini Mart
  • Parkway Mart
  • PBC Monivong
  • Phar Phar Mart Monivong
  • Phar Phar Mart St.294
  • Phnom Penh City Mart
  • RUPP
  • Sentosa Silk
  • The Shop
  • VIP Sothearos
  • VIP St.51
  • VIP  Toul Kok
  • CEDAC Shop
  • Angkor Mart
  • Sunshine Mini Mart
  • Khmer Farm

+ Newsstands around Wat Lanka, BKK1, Independence Monument and Bokor Traffic Light

Siem Reap

  • Siem Reap Book Shop
  • Trey Koun
  • Sokimex II
  • Golden Orange Hotel
  • Lornt Mart
  • Chor Van Shop
  • Ly Sok Theavy
  • Spean Thmor
  • Sokimex III
  • Abacus
  • Apsara Market
  • Angkor Land Hotel
  • U Care Old Market
  • U Care Lucky Mall
  • U Care New Branch
  • Siem Reap International Airport


  • Orange Super Market
  • Chamroeun Phal Super Market
  • Ekereach Book Store
  • Hi Food Minimart
  • CCS Minimart
  • Samudara Supermarket
  • Apple Guesthouse


  • Bokor Mountain Lodge
  • Salt & Pepper Bakery
  • Modern Guest House


  • Toucan
  • Kep Beach House
  • Breezes


  • Monument Books, 124/1 Nokeokumman Rd

 Luang Prabang

  • Momument Books, 2 Thou Gnai Thai Rd

Kuala Lumpur

  • Bumiktisa Corporation Son Bhd
  • Berjaya Books Son Bhd – Times Square
  • Berjaya Book Son Bhd – The Curves
  • Berjaya Books Son Bhd – Queensbay Mall
  • Berjaya Books S/B – The Gardens @ Mid Valley
  • Berjaya Books Son Bhd – Tropicana City Mall
  • Berjaya Books Son Bhd – Bangsar Village Ii
  • Berjaya Book Son Bhd – 1 Mont Kiara
  • Diamond Store Klc
  • Fortress Riviera Son Bhd
  • Jasema Enterprise
  • Kinokuniya Book Stores (M) Son Bhd – KLCC
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  • Mph -1 Utamaphase2 Lup2
  • Mph – Alpha Angle
  • Mph – Bangsar Village
  • Mph – Great Eastern Mall Gem
  • Mph – Gurney Plaza
  • Mph – Kinta City Kc
  • Mph – Mid Valley Mv
  • Mph Bookstores Sob Bhd – Publica
  • Mph – Subang Parade Sp
  • Mph Bookstores Son Bhd – Klia
  • Popular Book Co.(M) Sib – City Square
  • Popular Book Co.(M) S/B – Johore Tebrau Jtc
  • Popular Book Co. (M) S/B – Tun Jugah Centre
  • Popular Book Co. (M) S/B – Penang Sunway Carnival
  • Popular Book Co.(M) S/B – Ikano Dmsr Sid
  • Popular Book Son Bhd – Sodii
  • Popular Book Co.(M). S/B – Sunway Pyramid
  • The Agent-Green Height Mall 1
  • Read & Cook Publications
  • Sin Sin Bookstore Son Bhd – Plaza Low Vat
  • Syarikat Syidah Bookworld
  • Sinta Book Centre
  • Tal Yang Enterprise
  • Tong Hing Supermarkets Son Bhd – Gaya Branch
  • Tong Hing Supermarkets Son Bhd – Damai Branc
  • V Mag Bookstore
  • Allscript@ Katong Mall
  • Allscript@ tanglin Mall
  • Allscript@ Kallang Leisure Mall
  • Allscript@ Raffles City
  • Allscript @ The Village
  • Allscript@ Star Vista
  • Allscript @ Thomson Plaza
  • Kinokuniya Bookstores – Bugis Junction
  • Kinokuniya Bookstores – Liang Court
  • Kinokuniya Bookstores-Ngee Ann City
  • Kementerian Dalam Negeri Malaysia
  • Mph – Parkway Parade
  • Cheers- T3 l1ls1
  • Cheers – Dit Lounge North
  • GP Thambi Trading & Services p/l
  • Shangri-La Hotel Limited
  • Times Travel (t1te)
  • Times Travel – T2 Depart/Transit Lounge South
  • Times Travel – T2 Depart/Check – In Hall South
  • Times Newslink – Departure I Check in Hall North
  • Times Travel – T3 South
  • Times Newslink – Departure/Check-in East
  • Times Newslink – (Relay) – T1 Til West
  • Times Relay – T2 Depart/Transit Lounge North
  • Times Newslink – (Relay) T3 North

For questions or queries, please email


Southeast Asia Globe is currently working to improve distribution in Thailand. Update to come soon


  • Sofitel Metropole Han Hotel
  • Sofitel PlaZA Hanoi Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Nikko Hotel
  • Melia Hotel
  • Daewoo Hotel
  • Hanoi Hotel
  • 64 Trang tien Books shop
  • Thang Long Bookshops
  • Vietbooks Store
  • Xunhasaba Store
  • Xunhasaba Bookshops

Ho Chi Minh

  • Amara Hotel
  • Legend Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • New World
  • Sofitel Plaza
  • First Hotel
  • Renaisance River Side
  • 03 Ly Van Phuc
  • 09 Dinh Tien Hoang
  • Horen 18 Ng-B-Khiem
  • Jsm Indochina 26-28 H-N
  • Remdao 63 Ly Tu Trong
  • 02 Ngo Duc Ke
  • 149b Truong Dinh
  • Indochina Land 06 T-V-L
  • 29/05-D2 Vtb F25,Qbt
  • Vina Wood
  • Vina 16-20 Hai Ba Trung
  • Tina Shop (Hien)
  • Sofitel-Kg (Cuong)
  • Phuong Nam
  • Xuan Thu
  • Viet My
  • 65 Le Loi
  • Tribook
  • Phuong Nam Parkson
  • Ch Mua Dut
  • Ch Xunhasaba-25b (Kg)
  • Phưong Nam Q7
  • Hà Nội
  • Parkson Le Thanh Ton

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Bangkok Airways
  • Thai Airways


Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

  • Malaysia Airlines


Singapore Changi Airport

  • Singapore Airlines


Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia

Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia

Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, Laos