Contributors & Freelance authors

We are constantly on the lookout for highly professional contributors and authors from Southeast Asia, and from any region within the area who can tell relevant, inspiring and thoughtful stories, articles and analysis on any of the below topical areas.

Besides welcoming premium journalistic content for the below coverage areas, we are looking for experienced and professional freelance writers who can work on commissioned articles.

Submitting stories
We welcome story submissions from international, regional and local journalists, researchers and academics. We encourage articles that are relevant to a topic that supports our editorial line, relates to a current media topic while offering a fresh angle on it, or stories that are original and provide inspiring insight to a readership accustomed to quality content.

Contributors have considerable editorial freedom to cover stories from an independent and analytical point of view. We look for inspiring, thought provoking stories that either originate in the region, or that are generally relevant to readers in the region on

Power – China, ideology, capital, politics, justice, governance, globalization, migration, markets
Life Community, equality, beliefs, identity, family, health, media
Vision, tech, start ups, social business
EarthResources, energy, climate, nature, urbanization
Performance, taste, visual, sound, design, travel, film

Our content range covers shorter news stories and feature articles, interviews, portraits, analytical or opinion pieces by qualified experts, and varies in length generally from 1300 –  to 2,500 words.

We love photography and will consider to run photo essays with 3 – 12 photographs. We do not accept pitches that aim to promote specific products or businesses, but welcome work by industry experts who can share valuable insight with our audiences.

How to pitch:
Please send your ideas, outlines or completed features via email to our editor. We are glad to work with writers we have not worked with before if their published clips demonstrate a high proficiency in magazine writing.

Pitches should be thought out and focused, and tell a story. Like a completed story, the pitch should have a headline, standfirst, a strong lead and a suggestion on a possible conclusion. A well-crafted pitch will usually run a paragraph or two in length and explain how the writer envisions the completed story.

Please make sure that prior to finalizing an article or other content for us, you have agreed a fee with our editorial team. Payment for articles will be made within two weeks of publishing.

Southeast Asia Globe reserves exclusive rights for a piece of work for a period of  1 month following publication. Writers and photographers cannot sell the work elsewhere until the end of that period – unless agreed otherwise.

The text and the photographs supplied may be published on the Southeast Asia Globe website, while all supplied content may be used to promote the article on our social media channels. Please request our current freelancer contract if you require further clarification.

Please send your submissions to:

Ms. Amanda Kaufmann, Managing Editor at
and in copy to


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