Sponsored / Making connections with Cambodia’s sole European bank

Posted on: August 17, 2017 | Cambodia

Sponsored: Cambodia CEO Guillaume Perdon on the future of BRED Bank and the importance of lending to small-to-medium enterprises 

BRED Bank Cambodia CEO Guillaume Perdon (left) and BRED Bank Group CEO Olivier Klein

Who is BRED Bank Cambodia?
BRED Bank Cambodia is a 100% subsidiary of BRED Banque Populaire, one of the main regional banks of BPCE group. BPCE is the second-largest banking group in France. The investment of BRED in Cambodia is made to serve the Khmer market as well as individuals or SMEs (small-to-medium-sized enterprises) with a link with Europe. BRED is the sole European bank in Cambodia.

What is BRED Bank Cambodia’s growth strategy?
BRED Bank Cambodia is planning to serve all customers in Cambodia, from individuals to SMEs and larger foreign local or international corporates. The strategy to enter the market is based on quality of services:

-Good accessibility with a banking network which will be made of 15-20 branches in the next three years, supported by the development of 50 to 60 ATMs. Accessibility also means that we have already started to open our main branch seven days a week from 8am to 8pm to better serve the customers.

-Good connection with the bank: all customers have a dedicated person in charge of their needs: the relationship manager is the single point of contact with the bank.

-Good accessibility also thanks to an easy and modern internet/mobile banking system as we think that the pairing of remote connection and physical connection is the key to success for the good development of the relationship.

You’ve said in the past that there is a huge gap in SME lending in Cambodia. How does BRED Bank plan to fill that gap?
BRED Group’s experience on the SME market is huge in France as well as in its foreign subsidiaries. We understand that the key issue for Cambodian SMEs is the access to finance in order to grow. We have developed dedicated tools, partnerships and approaches to be able to support the SME segment. Even if most SMEs do not issue proper financial statements or accounting, our teams are capable of coping with this issue: the key point is to understand the business of the SME and understand the vision of their future. We also play a role in training our customers to let them understand the crucial point, which is the follow up of their activities such as for example the reporting that we support them to set up.

You can visit BRED Bank Cambodia’s head office at 30 Preah Norodom Boulevard in the heart of Phnom Penh.