Bersih and the battle to unseat Najib Razak

For the past decade, Malaysian protest movement Bersih has been demanding sweeping political change. But Prime Minister Najib Razak is unlikely to feel threatened as long as the country’s opposition remains weak and fragmented Who is ‘Malaysian Official 1’? The question has been on the minds of many in Malaysia since July, when a lawsuit

With new budget, can Najib save his reputation?

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is facing pressure over the state of the economy and international criticism over corruption allegations, appears to be using social welfare programmes in the government’s 2017 budget as a means to improve his tarnished reputation. However, the measures might be too little, too late

New measures give Malaysian PM unprecedented security powers

The National Security Council act will give Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak sweeping security powers within designated “security areas” in the country. Presented as an antidote to Islamic extremism, there are concerns it will be used to silence Najib’s critics amid the 1MDB scandal