Naked robbery

By: Southeast Asia Globe - Posted on: December 5, 2012 | Business

Cambodia’s garment industry faces a new threat

Four Cambodian men have spent another day being questioned by a Cambodia court today following their confessions to stealing 80,000 pieces of clothing from a truck en route to Phnom Penh Autonomous Port for shipment to the United States. The men allegedly removed up to 80% of the shipping container’s contents as it travelled from Mastex Incam garment factory to the capital, stopping in Russei Keo to unload the goods. Suspicions were aroused when it took the driver four hours to complete a 30-minute route.

This is not the first time that clothes buyers have raised the issue of container theft in Cambodia. Charlie Lancaster’s breaking story, The Great Clothes Robbery (Southeast Asia Globe, October 2009), remains to date one of the most in depth investigations into the issue.