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Posted on: October 3, 2018 |

When it comes to preparing children for the challenges of living, learning and working in our increasingly interdependent 21st Century world, the new Australian International School, Phnom Penh (known as AISPP) is committed to introducing learners to the skills, opportunities and knowledge that they need to be happy, achieve success and to reach their true potential. 

“Amongst our best resources are our fantastic building and wonderful teachers”

(Paul Grisewood, Head of School)

The modern world has challenged the education sector to reinvent how young people learn.  With the advent of social media, global mobility and the need for a wide-ranging, international outlook, schools need to be agile, well equipped and employ the right teaching staff that embrace the challenges and share a global perspective. It’s only then that they can encourage and best prepare the children they teach for future success.

Providing an independent education based on the increasingly popular Australian National Curriculum (ACARA), intertwined with the IB Learning Framework (International Baccalaureate), there is a caring, thoughtful and open atmosphere across the school community, built on a foundation of international standards, shared values, global approaches and best practices.

“A worthwhile education that develops critical thinking, bold actions and global engagement”

AISPP provides a modern education that helps children to develop their own sense of unique identity, and to grow into inquisitive and understanding young people that embrace global integration and opportunities.  An IB education encourages students to take control of their learning pathway and, therefore, their own destiny.  By ensuring children are culturally aware, AISPP aims to develop the skills, qualifications and general mindset that will lead them to academic, social and emotional stability throughout life.

“AISPP is a very ambitious and forward-thinking school”

With ambitious plans in hand to become an IB World School across all ages in the foreseeable future, AISPP is already hard at work this term having recruited a number of outstanding, senior teachers, investing in school infrastructure, the curriculum and wider co curricular activities and facilities like their new library and specialised Middle Years areas.

Under the watchful eye of internationally acclaimed and experienced teacher, school leader and education inspector and advisor, Paul Grisewood, who is the new Head of School, AISPP has achieved much in the first year of its existence.  But that’s just the beginning of the story according to Paul.   

“Having just launched our new logo, branding and officially opened our doors to our Middle School, we still have much to do, but remain committed to providing outstanding learning experiences that ensure young people grow into something unique, visionary, beautiful and inspiring! That is epitomised through our new logo. The blooming lotus flower represents growth and development for all. The three gold petals remind us of our philosophy of excellence in education and the core threads of our offering: (1) a 21st Century Education, (2) an IB Education and (3) an Independent Education. These petals are also symbolic of Angkor Wat, at the heart of Cambodia’s heritage and culture.”