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Posted on: August 4, 2017 | Cambodia

Sponsored: Nine years after launching, Wing continues to be Cambodia’s leader in mobile banking services provider

Wing CEO Jojo Malolos

This month marks nine years since Wing began its vision of providing reliable financial services in a country where only 5% of people have a bank account, giving everyone a chance to be part of Cambodia’s economic success.

Starting with a few hundred agents offering domestic money transfer services, Wing has become a ubiquitous part of Cambodia’s economy, counting hundreds of millions of transactions going through its system since its launch.

With quick and convenient access to utility payments, financial services payments, MFI/bank collection payments, online payments, Wing maintains the widest network of agents as well as an impressive list of corporate, SMEs and government partners ranging from the Ministry of Economics and Finance to The Coca-Cola Cambodia. Endlessly innovating, Wing now offers cashless transactions, international remittances, online payments and business solutions as part of an ever-expanding range of non digital and digital products to move money quickly, safely and securely.

Wing knows that the demands of Cambodian consumers are changing fast, pushing the company to develop its newest product, Wing Ket Luy, allowing the end-user to make cashless payments at shops or online, quickly and conveniently. Customers can also use the Wing app to do all Wing transaction anytime, anywhere.

Whichever product people are using, Wing has created a financial system accessible to every Cambodian across the country.

“This 100% district coverage nationwide enables people to use their cell phones to transfer money and collect cash anywhere in just a blink.” said Jojo Malolos, CEO of Wing.

Through its extensive agent network, Wing has created thousands of new jobs, teaching agents how to manage their businesses and bringing value to more than 5,000 Wing Cash Xpress Agents nationwide. 

“We treat our agent network as partners and we provide them with the best tools and resources to both manage their Wing Cash Xpress business as well as ensure they have security protocols in place,” Mr. Malolos added.

By delivering the latest innovations while focusing on convenience, innovation and personalisation service in financial services to our clients, whether it’s a rural teacher or a major corporation, Wing is looking forward to many more years as the leader in Cambodia’s economic expansion.

Visit us at wingmoney.com or call 023 999 989