Thank you for your interest in contributing to Southeast Asia Globe.

The below contributor guidelines are valid for the following publications by Globe Media Asia:

  • Southeast Asia Globe
  • Discover – The Essence of Cambodia

Submitting stories
Southeast Asia Globe seeks reputable international, regional and local journalists to research and write stories from across the region. Southeast Asia Globe authors have considerable editorial freedom to cover stories from an independent and analytical point of view. The priorities are that the article is unpublished, original, accurate, interesting and provides positive insight to a readership accustomed to quality content.

Southeast Asia Globe and its sister publications reserve exclusive rights for a piece of work for  periods of either 1 month (for worldwide and/or Asia-centric publications) or 3 months (for Cambodia-based publications) following publication. Writers and photographers cannot sell the work elsewhere until the end of that period unless agreed otherwise.

The text and the photographs supplied may be published in print in any of the publications by Globe Media Asia for which they were assigned and may be reproduced on the Southeast Asia Globe website, with a link posted on both Facebook pages and Twitter accounts in order to promote the article further.

Please request our current freelancer contract if you require further clarification.

How to pitch to Southeast Asia Globe
If you are interested in writing for Southeast Asia Globe, please send ideas, outlines or completed features via email to our editors. We do commission writers we have not used before, but only those whose published clips demonstrate a high proficiency in magazine writing. If you have not worked with us before, please include examples of published work.

We do not accept pitches that aim to promote specific products or businesses. There must be a story. Pitches should be thought out and focused. Please do not send through lists of short, incomplete ideas. Like a completed story, the pitch should have a headline, standfirst and strong lead. A well-crafted pitch will usually run a paragraph or two in length, in which the writer should explain how they envision the completed story and why they think it works for Southeast Asia Globe. Please have a look at our website for previously published articles.

Submissions may be sent to: editor(at)globemediaasia(dot)com