Agent of evil

When the Vietnam war was declared over in 1975, the US withdrew its last troops, North and South reunited and the conflict was considered closed, but today, three generations later, its effects are still being felt.

Thai epic goes global

The tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen, a Thai literary classic, can now be read in English thanks to the endeavours of a British-Thai husband and wife team who spent seven years researching and translating the epic.

Trash Palace: The Overstay Bangkok

The Overstay, Bangkok’s most notorious hotel, may be in want of a few stars, but it’s a vital outlet for the city’s burgeoning underground scene.

Enjoying pride of place

Cellcard’s Kay Lot reveals his respect for Cambodia’s disabled stars, and what the presence of the World Cup means for his country, his company and himself

Charity a tall order at Bangkok’s Banyan tree

Fitness enthusiasts and charity supporters can put on their running shoes and hit the steps for the 11th Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon. Supporting the Hiv Formula Feeding Fund, which provides babies of HIV-positive mothers with specially formulated milk, contestants will run up 1,093 steps from the main entrance of the Banyan Tree Bangkok to the

Recliners get new life

For years recliners have been a symbol of retirement. The preserve of senior citizens, recliners were drab reminders of less colourful times