Enjoying pride of place

Cellcard’s Kay Lot reveals his respect for Cambodia’s disabled stars, and what the presence of the World Cup means for his country, his company and himself

Clubbing up to Cambodia

 Phnom Penh’s nightlife scene has had an injectionof cash and a facelift in style during recent months.Clubbers in Phnom Penh have never had it so good. A few years ago, the décor in most night clubs was fairly bare-bones basic and the sound systems more bass reverb than an even spread. Then came a rush […]

Charity a tall order at Bangkok’s Banyan tree

Fitness enthusiasts and charity supporters can put on their running shoes and hit the steps for the 11th Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon. Supporting the Hiv Formula Feeding Fund, which provides babies of HIV-positive mothers with specially formulated milk, contestants will run up 1,093 steps from the main entrance of the Banyan Tree Bangkok to the […]

Recliners get new life

For years recliners have been a symbol of retirement. The preserve of senior citizens, recliners were drab reminders of less colourful times

Ringo Le

Ringo Le, 31, is the director of the 2006 feature film Saigon Love Story, a film that explores the idea of how the new generation of Vietnameseare looking to define themselves in the country. It was the first musical filmed entirely in Vietnam. He graduated from California State University, Los Angeles and participated in Film […]

India’s green secret

 In southwestern India, the verdant coastline of Kerala offers an intoxicating cocktail of adventure, culture and relaxation

The fireplace grill, Bangkok

Gentle giant: the Fireplace Grill's executive chef Ivan Susanj Foremost on the menu of the Fireplace Grill, at the Holiday Inn/InterContinental complex on Ploenchit Road is meat, good meat. The restaurant offers steaks from the US, Argentina, Australia and Japan, all cooked over an open fire. With all respect to the French, good meat doesn’t [...]

Still in the cheap seats

 September’s Lakhaon festival hopes to reach a wider Khmer audienceand gain support for the rehabilitation of traditional Cambodian theatre

Welcome to the twitterati

Social networking services are capturing people’s attention as the coolest tool for accessing a world of information.

Space for everyone

Despite some teething problems, Bangkok’s newest art venue looks set to raise the profile of arts and culture among the Thai people.

Swimming: Worth getting wet for

Take the plunge: the best all-round exercise (Schlaeger/DAK) Few forms of exercise are acquired so naturally and offer as many benefits with so little risk of injury as swimming. You can enjoy the water at any age and level of competence. Swimming works the whole body, improving muscle strength, endurance, posture and flexibility. Due to its [...]