King of the swingers

Nestled in its natural habitat of Borneo, the male proboscis monkey is the undoubted stud of the primate world. After using its huge nose to woo a female following, it then spends its days trying to keep them faithful

Forbes’ top 12 Southeast Asian Power Businesswomen 2012

  Wendy Yap Position: President Director and CEO Company: PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Net sales (2012): +$123m Country: Indonesia Yap has led Indonesia's most profitable baking company since 1998. Her father, Piet Yap, one of the founders of the country's biggest flour miller, Bogasari Flour Mills, co-founded Nippon Indosari in 1995, and the company now [...]

“The pot-bellied police run too slow… Once they reach their ideal body weight, they are free to walk out of the programme”

Wahyu Widada, police chief of Tangerang, a city near Jakarta, explains why nearly 130 officers will be required to undertake compulsory physical exercise for a total of four-and-a-half hours over three days each week. The implementation of the fitness programme comes after overweight police officers proved to be too unfit to catch fleeing criminals. Their