Current Affairs

Tools of terror

In November last year, Myanmar officially became the only government in the world still actively laying landmines.

A model farmer warrior

Venture northwest of Singapore’s Central Business District and you’ll come across a green oasis nestled in an otherwise grey concrete jungle.

Hearts and minds

Is Cambodia’s political environment encouraging a muted voter generation or are they happily disengaged? Soung Sophorn speaks with the power and conviction of a seasoned politician, barking into the microphone and occasionally raising an accusatory finger at nobody in particular. “We have to understand the mindset of the human being,” he bellows. “If you force

Stones of contention: the fight for Preah Vihear

Built at the height of the Khmer empire, the 900-year-old temple of Preah Vihear now lies at the heart of a vicious border dispute between Thailand and Cambodia. For decades, Preah Vihear has been witness to a war of words and sporadic fights between Cambodian and Thai troops over territorial claims. The 11th century cultural

Searching for truth in the Kingdom of lies: an interview with Chuwit Kamolvisit

Former massage parlour kingpin Chuwit Kamolvisit says the country’s political establishment remains as hypocritical and divided as ever. But that doesn’t mean he wants out. “In the morning, when I wake up, I drink a coffee and I read the paper. What is today’s bullshit, today’s lie? I never believe anything that’s written in the

When the well runs dry

With clean water increasingly hard to come by, the fight for fresh water threatens to plunge Southeast Asia into chaos. Despite its precipitous rainfall, Southeast Asia is far from immune from the water conflicts that many believe will become the hallmark of 21st century geopolitics. Since the Second World War, none of the earth’s precious

A blessing for all

Cambodian psychotherapist Sathya Pholy works as a consultant for microfinance providers VisionFund, as a doctor for the Phnom Penh Counselling Centre and as the host of Love Talks with Dr Sathya Pholy, a weekly radio show on Love FM 97.5

Cambodia’s lensmen

Local photojournalists have gradually replaced foreign professionalsand are now enjoying greater exposure on the international market

Brothers across borders

Renowned Cambodian psychotherapist Sathya Pholy brings a message of peace and brotherhood to Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese societies

Time for redemption

 The Cambodian government is at last opening up its prison system as it struggles to provide adequate facilities for a growing population. Cambodia’s prison system is in crisis due to appalling levels of overcrowding, violence and disease. There are currently 11,000 guests of the state, which is not a high number when set against the