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“The purpose of these loudspeakers is so that Indonesian mosques can have a jazz lounge standard”

Harry Kissowo, the company founder and audio advisor for the presidential palace, explains one reason for an increase in high-quality speaker installation during Ramadan. Poorly synchronised public calls to prayer in the Muslim-majority state using low-quality speakers have become an increasing irritation, prompting some mosques to invest in upgrades to encourage the faithful and avoid

August: The good, the bad, the peculiar

  Peculiar: A massive crocodile captured by villagers in the Philippines has been declared the largest in captivity by the Guinness Book of Records. Known as Lolong, the croc is six metres long and has drawn thousands of tourists to the town of Bunawan. Good: Traffic police in Manila will undergo breathalyser tests after reports

The housefly looks like a godzilla fly beside it

Brian Brown, the man responsible for identifying the world’s smallest fly species, describes his discovery. Identified in Thailand, the fly (known as Euryplatea nanaknihali) is smaller than a grain of salt and is barely visible to the naked eye. It is believed to feed on tiny ants by decapitating them and using their head casings

A drug-free Asean?

The 2012 UN World Drug Report shows alarming trends for Southeast Asia. Across the globe, about 230 million people, or 5% of the world’s adult population, used an illicit drug last year, according to the United Nations’ annual World Drug Report. While global production and use stabilised last year, the report predicts that the number

“They said they were led there by spirits but then they’ve gone a step further and started killing people and decided to eat their body parts”

Provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jr speaks about cult members arrested during raids in Madang province, Papua New Guinea. Twelve of the 29 people caught are accused of murdering seven people they believed were practicing black magic. All of those arrested, including a 13-year-old boy, allegedly cannibalised their victims.

No man’s land: Boeung Kak lake

Cambodia’s Boeung Kak lake development project has become a flashpoint for clashes over valuable land as the Kingdom develops. Will a high-profile protest movement encourage the government to side with its electorate?

July: the Good, the Bad, the Peculiar

  Bad: The ‘El Nino’ weather pattern could strike the region later this year, resulting in drought conditions that could cause mass palm oil plantation and rice crop failure across parts of Southeast Asia, according to the Climate Prediction Centre. Peculiar: Male Sumatran orangutans have been found to have a unique ability to hold back puberty for