Current Affairs

Brothers across borders

Renowned Cambodian psychotherapist Sathya Pholy brings a message of peace and brotherhood to Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese societies

Time for redemption

 The Cambodian government is at last opening up its prison system as it struggles to provide adequate facilities for a growing population. Cambodia’s prison system is in crisis due to appalling levels of overcrowding, violence and disease. There are currently 11,000 guests of the state, which is not a high number when set against the

Crossing the divide

An extraordinary meetings of minds will take place in Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines next month as the Bridges programme makes its third visit to the region

Brothers in arms

 Two Mexican families played an unsung role in enabling Fidel Castro to topple the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and bring communism to Cuba

A natural born killer

 When the heavens light up, seek shelter or risk becoming a victim of Cambodia’s serial murderer

A balanced contender

 The Lexus IS250 is a promising newcomer with bags of style and enough punch to give those swaggering German cruisers a run for their money

Lost in the urban jungle

 The inevitable conflict between humans and the natural environment could spell the end for Hong Kong’s endemic pythons and their fragile ecosystem

New flesh eating plant found

A new species of Nepenthes, a carnivorous pitcher plant that boosts its nutrient intake by catching and digesting insects, has been discovered in the Cardamom Mountains. The discovery was made by Fauna and Flora International and verified by François Mey, a botanist who specialises in pitcher plants. Only around 120 species of Nepenthes are known,

Hawkers welcome

Originally the only practical tool for nomadic bedouins hunting in the desert, the art of falconry remains a popular pastime in the Gulf States.

Split endings

 Divorcing a local spouse has all the bureaucratic pitfalls of getting married, as well as the distinct possibility of being taken to the cleaners by your ex and the Cambodian courts.

The United Nation’s A-list

The UN describes goodwill ambassadors as “foot soldiers”, but it seemsthey haven’t spent much time in the trenches. David Beckham has held the title for Unicef since 2005 

The twilight zone

From the late 1980s Cambodia’s border areas have been the battleground in a struggle to control the spread of drug-resistant malaria