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“They can attract tourists, and also show that there are certain lessons of the past that should not be forgotten. These are actual tangible evidence of plunder”

Maita Gonzaga, a senior official at the President Commission on Good Government, discusses plans to put on public display jewels seized 26 years ago from former first lady Imelda Marcos. The government plans to auction them off after they have been on display. The widow of Philippines leader Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda amassed a huge collection

A giant magazine

916: The number of pages in Vogue’s September 2012 issue, which celebrated the magazine’s 120th anniversary. Lady Gaga adorned the cover of a tome that weighed just over two kilos and featured 658 pages of advertisements.

Financial support in Myanmar

85 million: The amount of support, in dollars, the World Bank Group will provide in grants to benefit men, women and children in Myanmar through community-driven development programmes, which will allow communities to decide which projects to invest in. In addition to helping alleviate poverty, the grants are intended to build confidence in the reform