Taking stock

The new exchanges in Cambodia and Laos seem promising, but can they keep volatility at bay? When the Laos stock exchange began trading in just two listings on January 11, not only did it rank as the smallest in the world, it was also the best performer by some distance. In just 17 days of

Hearts and minds

Is Cambodia’s political environment encouraging a muted voter generation or are they happily disengaged? Soung Sophorn speaks with the power and conviction of a seasoned politician, barking into the microphone and occasionally raising an accusatory finger at nobody in particular. “We have to understand the mindset of the human being,” he bellows. “If you force

Stones of contention: the fight for Preah Vihear

Built at the height of the Khmer empire, the 900-year-old temple of Preah Vihear now lies at the heart of a vicious border dispute between Thailand and Cambodia. For decades, Preah Vihear has been witness to a war of words and sporadic fights between Cambodian and Thai troops over territorial claims. The 11th century cultural

Beer wars

‘Pouring’ over details of the overly-competitive Cambodian beer industry, the covert smuggling ring that keeps brewers on their toes and the newcomers to a battle-hardened market. Welcome to the beer industry in Cambodia – a competitive market so shrouded in secrecy that it is next to impossible to give an in-depth look. Yet with two

A new history

Cambodians have mostly heard about Khmer Rouge atrocities from each other. Now schools are addressing the tragedy. Khieu Maly was sitting quietly, ashen-faced during his Khmer Rouge history lesson in 2003, says Song Malet, her grade nine teacher. When younger brother Khieu Vordeth took the same class a year later, his behaviour was little different.

Mineral resourcefulness

Cambodia is looking to emulate its northern neighbour Laos in making millions of dollars from minerals, but first foreign mining firms will have to navigate the country’s myriad pitfalls. As official events go, a state tax ceremony in a small, socialist country would hardly be expected to get pulses racing. But in this case at

As the tribe travels

Following the trail of Jewish people to Southeast Asia, one organisation ensures people of the faith always have a place to call home. When French explorer Henri Mouhot travelled through Cambodia in the mid-19th century, he came across a group of people who did not eat pork, observed the seventh day of rest and circumcised

An interview with Tim Sakhorn

Born in 1968, Tim Sakhorn is perhaps the most famous Khmer Krom activist alive today. He was granted political asylum in Sweden in July 2009. How does it feel to be reordained? Do you wish you were re-ordained in Cambodia? I am very happy to be a monk again because it has been my way

Meeting the material world

During recent years, the Buddhist faith appears to have witnessed a few casualties along an increasingly bumpy path to enlightenment. Headlines documenting monk-related incidents have peppered regional media, and their prevalence seems to be rising. From “Buddhist monk arrested for rape of British tourist” to “Monks arrested for throwing rowdy drug and alcohol party”, newspapers

Made in India

Cambodia’s small but influential Indian community feels comfortable in a country that shares its history and maybe its future with their motherland. The history between India and Cambodia goes back to ancient times. The influence of the world’s second most populous country on the Kingdom is visible from the Hindu-style temples of Angkor Wat to

Cambodia’s lensmen

Local photojournalists have gradually replaced foreign professionalsand are now enjoying greater exposure on the international market