Meeting the material world

During recent years, the Buddhist faith appears to have witnessed a few casualties along an increasingly bumpy path to enlightenment. Headlines documenting monk-related incidents have peppered regional media, and their prevalence seems to be rising. From “Buddhist monk arrested for rape of British tourist” to “Monks arrested for throwing rowdy drug and alcohol party”, newspapers

Made in India

Cambodia’s small but influential Indian community feels comfortable in a country that shares its history and maybe its future with their motherland. The history between India and Cambodia goes back to ancient times. The influence of the world’s second most populous country on the Kingdom is visible from the Hindu-style temples of Angkor Wat to

Cambodia’s lensmen

Local photojournalists have gradually replaced foreign professionalsand are now enjoying greater exposure on the international market

Time for redemption

 The Cambodian government is at last opening up its prison system as it struggles to provide adequate facilities for a growing population. Cambodia’s prison system is in crisis due to appalling levels of overcrowding, violence and disease. There are currently 11,000 guests of the state, which is not a high number when set against the

Braille reading abilities growing

Nearly 200 years after the birth of Louis Braille, the alphabet of raised dots he created, commonly known as Braille, is still in regular use by 150m blind people around the world. Now the system is also widely used in Cambodia and the government has announced it will soon become available in every school nationwide

Split endings

 Divorcing a local spouse has all the bureaucratic pitfalls of getting married, as well as the distinct possibility of being taken to the cleaners by your ex and the Cambodian courts.

The twilight zone

From the late 1980s Cambodia’s border areas have been the battleground in a struggle to control the spread of drug-resistant malaria

A picture of health

U-Care is a byword amongst westerners looking for a good pharmacy, now Cambodians are also learning the hidden value of quality health products.