Building given green light

 With a new planning index, Malaysia is leading the way in developing regulations that will encourage the region’s construction industry to build with the future in mind. It seems that if you want to be acceptable to the rest of the world, paint yourself green. That appears to be the thinking behind the Malaysian government’s

Career directions

Just because the economy is in a downturn doesn’t mean your career can’t be on the upswing – if you choose the right field.

The one that got away

Thaksin Shinawatra could now be riding a wave of domestic and international acclaim if he had served his ‘unjust’ sentence and emerged as a political martyr

Heading for the hills

Thailand’s luxury eco and cultural tourism market is finding plenty of new visitors attracted to the physical and moral high ground

The comeback Kingdom

Despite a triple whammy of political turmoil, recession and reduced tourism, Thailand’s user-friendly business environment remains attractive to investors. The economic tsunami of 1997 had its epicentre in Thailand, but the shockwaves soon spread across Asia, bringing down banks, businesses and personal fortunes. The crisis is seared in the memories of Thais and expats through stories

Asean giving good service

 Southeast Asian nations continue to offer competitive advantages as outsourcing choices, occupying four of the top seven places on AT Kearney’s Global Services Index.

The lady and the paper tigers

The expedient conviction of Aung San Suu Kyi is an opportunity for Asean to show that its recently drafted charter on human rights is worth more than the paper it is printed on

In search of fertile ground

 Cambodia could transform its physical and economic health at a stroke by improving its vegetable production

Eye on the ball

 Tony Fernandes is one of the region’s most unconventional executives – but also one of it’s most successful. How does this unlikeliest of entrepreneurs keep proving the sceptics wrong?

Vietnam steps down a gear

Vietnam’s nationwide outbreak of motomania is coming to a sudden halt as households start to combat rising food and fuel prices by choosing alternative forms of transport