The lady and the paper tigers

The expedient conviction of Aung San Suu Kyi is an opportunity for Asean to show that its recently drafted charter on human rights is worth more than the paper it is printed on

In search of fertile ground

 Cambodia could transform its physical and economic health at a stroke by improving its vegetable production

Eye on the ball

 Tony Fernandes is one of the region’s most unconventional executives – but also one of it’s most successful. How does this unlikeliest of entrepreneurs keep proving the sceptics wrong?

Vietnam steps down a gear

Vietnam’s nationwide outbreak of motomania is coming to a sudden halt as households start to combat rising food and fuel prices by choosing alternative forms of transport

Getting back on track

As a crucial link in the trans-Asian network and a viable alternative to road transport, Cambodia’s neglected railways are ready for renewal.

Still looking for Utopia

After a tumultuous political career, Cambodia’s former prime minister Pen Sovannhas no plans to leave behind the scene he has loved for more than five decades.

Morm Thida motodup

Morm Thida was born in 1991 in Phnom Penh. She lives with her four brothers, three sisters and her widowed mother. She is one of Phnom Penh’s few female moto-taxi drivers, or motodops as they are referred to locally. She usually works during the evening on the lakeside (Street 93)

A picture of health

U-Care is a byword amongst westerners looking for a good pharmacy, now Cambodians are also learning the hidden value of quality health products.

Degustation: Le Lys Bangkok

Verdict: a getaway within the city. Great Thai food served in a unique setting Le Lys is well known as a quiet retreat for a romantic outing or a game of petanque. It recently relocated to Sathorn and was followed across town by its loyal clientele. They have not been disappointed. Food is served up [...]

Finding the perfect match

Choosing a wine to complement the pungency of southeast Asian cuisine is more than simply a matter of red or white.

Hole in one or money pit?

 As the top people’s game and a possible tourism money spinner, foreign investorsare turning Cambodia’s rice paddies into golf courses in search of local treasures.