The Mandalay Spirit

It’s midnight in Yangon and a businessman is singing into his now empty bottle of rum. He mumbles incoherently to no one in particular and stumbles off into the night. Little did he know that for the last hour he had been sitting next to the man behind the bottle. Ajay Advani is the driving

Beer wars

‘Pouring’ over details of the overly-competitive Cambodian beer industry, the covert smuggling ring that keeps brewers on their toes and the newcomers to a battle-hardened market. Welcome to the beer industry in Cambodia – a competitive market so shrouded in secrecy that it is next to impossible to give an in-depth look. Yet with two

Mineral resourcefulness

Cambodia is looking to emulate its northern neighbour Laos in making millions of dollars from minerals, but first foreign mining firms will have to navigate the country’s myriad pitfalls. As official events go, a state tax ceremony in a small, socialist country would hardly be expected to get pulses racing. But in this case at

Ascending the cloud

The latest computing trend sounds nebulous, but it’s not so obscure if you’re a professional on the move. Every cloud has a silver lining. In case you haven’t heard, the digital office is now a reality. The age of the cloud is officially upon us, and as ominous as that may sound, it’s actually a

The mighty bean

Southeast Asia has succumbed to the world’s most popular stimulant, and now it’s getting ready to take its own coffee buzz to the world. Take a closer look at that cup of dark liquid you hold in your hand every morning. It’s one of 730 billion cups that will be consumed worldwide this year. It’s

Please mind the gap

Business degrees are a big industry in the Kingdom, but not every degree means business. “Years ago, the MBA was a good idea…” Zak Buttell, a Chulalongkorn graduate and former Wall Street financial consultant, tells me over Thai iced coffee at a highly affluent street front café a block or two off Bangkok’s Victory Monument.

Peace gets a fighting chance

A Bangkok resident since 2002, the founding chairman of the International Peace Foundation is committed to spreading his peaceful message around the wider world. Uwe Morawetz is a man on a mission – he wants to make the world a better, more fulfilling place. He freely admits he’s a dreamer but, as anyone who has

The thirty-second slot machine

 After getting its knuckles rapped by the prime minister,the Cambodian advertising industry needs to consider how best to sell products and keep everyone on its side.There can be few countries in the free world where a prime minister’s attention is diverted from matters of state to matters of media morality. But that’s exactly what happened

Monthly job market: Undergraduate courses

 A relatively unstructured qualification and accreditation system for institutions of higher education in Cambodia has created a sizeable number of businesses with dubious “university” status that in reality are “diploma mills”

High-octane gamblers

 Sixteen years ago French outfit Totalentered the nascent Cambodian oil andgas market; now its initial investment is looking more than likely to be a winner