Myanmar's reform: For the people

With Myanmar stretching its capacity to usher in new reforms, Southeast Asia Globe sits down with four of the country’s key economic players to discuss their vision for the country

The people vs. Asean

The most recent Asean Summit was marked by significant clashes between the Cambodian chair and civil society organisations. Is this a new trend, or just an old habit?

Tax me if you can

The future could be bright for private banking and tax evasion in Southeast Asia

A chain reaction

Rami Sharaf explains what links RMA Cambodia’s car assembly, agriculture development and fast food businesses

Plane sailing

Garuda, Indonesia’s flag carrier, has inked a $2.5 billion deal with the European plane manufacturer Airbus for the delivery of 11 A330 passenger jets. It is the second contract in a year between the two businesses after Garuda ordered 25 A320 Airbus planes for a price of $2.18 billion last June. Garuda hopes to almost

Minimum wage policy Thailand

86.7%: A survey by Abac poll, a business research centre within the Assumption University of Bangkok, shows 86.7% of Thai small and medium enterprises have been affected by the new 300 baht ($9.75) daily minimum wage policy. The measure is expected to have a minor impact on larger companies. According to human resources firm Manpower