A Joy to Fly

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A Joy to Fly / 3 destinations offering unforgettable travel experiences

Fly SilkAir and experience darwin’s iconic summer festival There’s no better time to visit the tropical north of Australia than during the Darwin Festival, where a festival wonderland awaits each August. The festival celebrates the quintessential spirit and energy of Australia, transforming the city of Darwin into a place of wonderful merriment, complete with outdoor […]

Books to boutiques / Discover a different side to Singapore

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Touching down in Singapore for a work trip or holiday can feel a bit like stepping into the future, with its polished streets, architecture reaching to the heavens and easily navigable MRT system. For visitors seeking neighbourhoods to explore and a place to return to at night, the bustling city […]

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Luang Prabang / ‘The refuge of the last dreamers’

[Brought to you by SilkAir] This small wonder in the north of Laos is a designated Unesco World Heritage Centre with the Mekong running right through it. It’s surrounded by green hills and its colourful streets are lined with temples, colonial buildings and bougainvillea trees. It is, in the words of Marthe Bassene, “the refuge […]

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Vientiane / Where to eat, sleep and visit in Laos’ historic capital city

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Our guide to discovering Laos’ capital city Vientiane, home to the famous Buddhist stupa Pha That Luang and some wonderful places to eat, drink and shop

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Tanjong Pagar / Draped in fashion, steeped in history

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Historic Tanjong Pagar, in Singapore’s business district, is home to a blend of Chinese tradition and modern living – making it the perfect medicine for escaping the bustle of the city-state

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Lumphini / Where to eat, sleep and visit in Bangkok’s scenic neighbourhood

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Our neighbourhood guide to the downtown area surrounding Bangkok’s oldest public park, including a purpose-built art gallery and a stunning rooftop bar

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Koh Samui / Marrying picture-perfect beaches with vibrant nightlife

[Brought to you by SilkAir] One of the crown jewels of Thailand’s tourism sector, Koh Samui beckons visitors with high-end resorts, water-borne adventure, one very large Buddha and, of course, sublime views that soothe

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Naypyidaw / Exploring the mysteries of Myanmar’s ‘ghost capital’

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Built in 2005 as Myanmar’s titanic new capital, the city of Naypyidaw is a surreal stop between Yangon and Mandalay – and an unmissable experience for travellers looking for a glimpse into a golden era yet to come

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Jimbaran / Where to eat, sleep and drink in the ‘Beverly Hills of Bali’

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Bali is Indonesia’s number-one tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, scenic drives and an active volcano. Travellers who want to be close to the action in the main city of Kuta but stay in a quieter place can head to calmer waters a little farther south

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Hanoi / Where to eat, sleep and shop

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Our guide to the teeming streets and stately architecture of Veitnam’s eclectic capital, from an ancient temple offering a haven of peace, to late-night shopping at the city’s lively night market

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Kampot / The best places to eat, drink, shop and sleep

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Our guide to Cambodia’s up-and-coming creative hub

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Kampong Glam / Singapore’s colourful Muslim quarter

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Our neighbourhood guide on where to eat, drink, sleep, explore and shop in Kampong Glam

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Yangon / Where to eat, sleep and be merry in Myanmar’s cultural capital

[Brought to you by SilkAir] Discover Yangon, Myanmar’s exquisite cultural capital, where the likes of George Orwell and Mick Jagger have passed through

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