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Jet Set

Books to boutiques: discover a different side to Singapore

September 14, 2018

Touching down in Singapore for a work trip or holiday can feel a bit like stepping into the future, with its polished streets, architecture reaching to the heavens and easily navigable MRT system. For visitors seeking neighbourhoods to explore and a place to return to at night, the bustling city also provides a peek into


Whatever happened to… Cambodia’s homemade electric car

By: Paul Millar - September 13, 2018

For more than a decade, the homegrown Angkor Car has hinted at a future free from the gas-guzzling SUVs on Cambodia’s crowded streets. But despite a glamorous launch in 2013, the Kingdom’s first electric car seems to have stalled at the starting line

Sustainable waste

How China’s plastic ban has Southeast Asia scrambling for solutions

By: Paul Millar - September 12, 2018

With China refusing to accept the low-grade plastic waste that the West once poured there, the developing nations of Southeast Asia are buckling beneath the weight of the world’s redirected refuse. And while mobilising hordes of waste pickers may hold back the tide, experts say sustainable waste management can only come by abandoning our throwaway

The Future of Energy

How one startup combines blockchain and solar to power off-grid communities

By: Janelle Retka - September 11, 2018

Using blockchain and solar energy, UN- and World Bank-endorsed startup BitLumens has been tooling its solar home technology to bring electricity and financial inclusion to underserved populations. Myanmar and Indonesia are BitLumens’s first Southeast Asia stops. Founding CEO Veronica Garcia spoke with Southeast Asia Globe about their plans to lease solar systems to power off-the-grid

Cambodia’s building blocks: part 1

How sand dredging in Koh Kong bled the fishing community dry

By: Leng Len and Janelle Retka - Photography by: Thomas Cristofoletti - September 10, 2018

After about a decade of heavy sand dredging in the waterways of Cambodia’s Koh Kong province, a fishing community once recognised internationally for its rich ecosystem is struggling to fill its nets and crab cages. In response, villagers have been forced to find new work or leave their homes behind in what is now a daily