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Cambodian politics

Is Hun Sen’s long-time rival really a ‘democratic alternative’?

By: Paul Millar - November 5, 2018

Cambodia’s Interior Minister Sar Kheng has long been hailed by Western diplomats as a more liberal alternative to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s decades-long strongman rule. But with the factional heavyweight growing increasingly strident in his criticism of corruption and incompetence within the ruling party, just what has the former Khmer Rouge cadre done to deserve this reputation?

The Future of Energy

Jinko Solar: ‘solar is going to become the new primary energy in the world’

By: Thomas Brent - October 31, 2018

China-based Jinko Solar is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world. The company is supplying solar panels for the huge Dau Tieng solar plant in Vietnam, and also recently came to an agreement with SchneiTec to build a 60MW solar plant in Cambodia. Southeast Asia Globe speaks to Jinko Solar business development manager Warren