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Creative baking

Baker, musician, entrepreneur: Indonesia’s multi-talented pastry chef

July 20, 2018

Jazz music grad Talita Setyadi had no qualms swapping her double bass for a rolling pin, seeing baking as just another form of creative expression. With an entrepreneurial eye that this year helped bag her a coveted spot on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, this graduate of Paris’ prestigious Le Cordon Bleu discusses

Archaeological discoveries

The little-known history of Cambodia’s ‘dark age’

By: Lesly Lotha - July 18, 2018

While Cambodia is synonymous with the famous temple complex Angkor Wat, the post-Angkorian period is far less studied. Considered to be a dark time in the Kingdom’s history, an ongoing excavation at the country’s former capital city Longvek – now just a small village – offers evidence to suggest otherwise

Urban development

The architect designing Cambodia’s future

By: Janelle Retka - Photography by: Sam Jam - July 17, 2018

Architect Seng Vannak was hired straight out of university in Paris to become a Phnom Penh City Hall urban planner. While he develops a new master plan for the capital, he’s also been growing Vannak Architects, which erected the high-end condominium tower Tronum. He talked with Southeast Asia Globe about how the country has grown


The blockchain platform capable of nearly 3,000 transactions per second

By: Janelle Retka - July 16, 2018

As individual blockchain platforms gain popularity, the number of user transactions often overwhelms their systems. Zilliqa, a platform based on a study by researchers at the National University of Singapore, has a solution to this problem, the company’s head researcher Amrit Kumar tells Southeast Asia Globe