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Taking stock

By: Steve Finch - March 17, 2011

The new exchanges in Cambodia and Laos seem promising, but can they keep volatility at bay? When the Laos stock exchange began trading in just two listings on January 11, not only did it rank as the smallest in the world, it was also the best performer by some distance. In just 17 days of


Serving the halal ecosystem

By: Charlie Lancaster - March 4, 2011

With the Islamic community now the fastest-growing consumer segment in the world, can businesses afford not to become part of the halal trend?

Ring of fire

Superstition to science: the volatile history of volcanoes and man

By: Laura J Snook - February 9, 2011

Mankind has a long history with volcanoes. From reverence to fear to curiosity, these monsters of nature have proven to be a constant source of fascination. Southeast Asia Globe investigates how mankind’s relationship with volcanoes has evolved over the centuries, from ancient Greco-Roman mythology to the harnessing of geothermal energy


Shanghai on show: Shanghai World Expo 2010

By: Matteo Damiani - October 3, 2010

Despite the stunning architecture, Critics argue the Shanghai World Expo 2010 has failed to deliver a better city or a better life. The Shanghai World Expo 2010 has been talked up as the best World Expo ever by the one-party state, who regard the $50 billion event as a statement of status in world affairs.


Troubled waters

By: Adam Miller - September 19, 2010

Southeast Asia is the battleground for an international war being waged  over a group of floating political symbols – the disputed islands of the South China Sea


The mighty bean

By: Stephen Brooks & Dane Wetschler - May 5, 2010

Southeast Asia has succumbed to the world’s most popular stimulant, and now it’s getting ready to take its own coffee buzz to the world. Take a closer look at that cup of dark liquid you hold in your hand every morning. It’s one of 730 billion cups that will be consumed worldwide this year. It’s


For national health and wealth

By: Stephen Brooks - January 6, 2010

Thailand has become a honeypot for alternative cures, therapies and promises of longevity – and for those cashing in on the trend. For thousands of years people have travelled the world looking for the elixir of lasting life and health. The Ancient Greeks journeyed to the island of Epidaurus, sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios.