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And then there was one

By: Claire Luke - June 26, 2012

Given its extensive disabled population, why is Cambodia only supplying the 2012 Paralympic Games with a solitary competitor?


Truly Asia: the latest from UNWTO

By: Southeast Asia Globe - June 25, 2012

Three Southeast Asian countries are among the top 15 destinations by international tourism receipts, according to the latest statistics by the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Ranked 11th, Thailand leads the pack with $26.3 billion followed by Malaysia (14) with $18.3 billion and Singapore (15) with $18 billion. The worldwide ranking is topped by the


Eduardo Saverin’s in Singapore

By: Southeast Asia Globe - June 25, 2012

The fiscal network: In what appears to be a strategic move to reduce his tax bill, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his US citizenship in anticipation of the social network’s initial public offering last month. Though he made his decision late last year, it was only made public last month. Brazilian-born Saverin moved to the US


Out of the shadows

By: Silvia Meixner - June 19, 2012

Con Dao has shed its gruesome past to emerge as one of Vietnam’s most tranquil island destinations


Money-making birthmark

By: Southeast Asia Globe - June 9, 2012

$1’450: The grant awarded to Gran, a nine-year-old Afghan boy found to have a birthmark on his chest that resembles the map of Afghanistan. The former beggar will also receive monthly donations to help him finish school.


The road to success

By: Southeast Asia Globe - June 9, 2012

Filipino director Yam Laranas is making headway in the United States after his horror flick The Road became the first Filipino project to get a US theatrical release. The movie begins with the reopening of a 12-year-old cold case following the disappearance of three teens on an abandoned road, and soon begins to unravel backwards