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Sound and vision

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 8, 2012

  At a glance, it might be difficult to resist the temptation to come over all Indian mystic and pound out a cosmic rhythm on these handcrafted wooden beauties. But look again, for that is not a pair of tabla you see before you. It is, of course, actually a set of Limited Edition Philips


Knocking at the door

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 8, 2012

East Timor will have to bide its time for accession to Asean, as its request to join the ten-member bloc will not be on the table at this month’s 21st Asean Summit in Phnom Penh. Asia’s youngest nation first sought membership in 2007, but the formal application was only submitted to the regional grouping in


November: the good, the bad, the peculiar

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 7, 2012

The good The bad The peculiar Good: A critically endangered turtle has been returned to its native Cambodia, where it will enter a breeding programme after living in Vietnam for decades. How it ended up in Ho Chi Minh City is uncertain. Bad: Cambodian singer Pov Panha Pich, who was shot twice in 2007 and left critically injured [...]


Planes, trains and automobiles

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 7, 2012

With the Asean Economic Community due to take effect at the end of 2015, economically stable countries in Southeast Asia are upgrading infrastructure to woo investors and spur growth through jobs.


Mount Lokon eruptions

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 7, 2012

600: The number of times Indonesia’s most active volcano, Mount Lokon, erupted between July 2011 – when more than 5,200 people were evacuated from the surrounding area – and October 2012. Despite the constant bursts of ash cloud, as of last month there were no plans to upgrade the volcano’s danger level. Mount Lokon’s last


New focal point

By: Steve Finch - November 6, 2012

Nikon’s official arrival reflects the spending habits of an increasingly brand-aware middle class


Majority shareholder shake up

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 5, 2012

Maruhan Japan Bank has become the first Cambodian commercial bank to make a direct equity investment in a microfinance institution in Cambodia


“It is a story that has happened throughout history, except this time the killers won”

By: Southeast Asia Globe - November 5, 2012

Joshua Oppenheimer, an American film director who has been based in Indonesia for much of the past decade, speaks about his new documentary The Act Of Killing, after its successful release at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film delves into the elimination of an estimated 500,000 suspected Communists between 1965-66 in Indonesia, prior to