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Mending hearts

By: Nathan A. Thompson - February 14, 2014

Cambodia’s garment factories are synonymous with hard work, long hours and low wages. But among the assembly lines and dusty backstreets, couples are falling in love


A shot in the dark

By: Brennan O'Connor - February 13, 2014

A ceasefire agreement between ethnic rebels and the government has paved the way for tourists to enter the isolated Karen state


Gaining momentum

By: Christian Vits and Tassilo Brinzer - February 12, 2014

Sun Chanthol, Cambodia’s recently appointed minister of commerce, explains his reform priorities


Island in the Sun

By: Amanda Saxton - February 11, 2014

Tenderly restored houses from throughout history make the Temple Tree boutique hotel a jewel of Langkawi


Land of broken dreams

By: Jennifer Meszaros - February 10, 2014

Every day, hundreds of men, women and children risk their lives mining for gems in a remote corner of Cambodia. A young miner and his father share their stories and struggles as they carve out an existence


Tropfest winners: Sothea Ines

By: Southeast Asia Globe Editorial - February 5, 2014

After grabbing the top slot at Tropfest South East Asia with her short film “Rice”, Cambodian film maker Sothea Ines talks exclusively about her desire to tell stories


Twilight zone

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - February 5, 2014

Malaysia is the best place in Asia to lay one’s hat, according to a recent survey of global retirement destinations


Tropfest winners: Polen Ly

By: Southeast Asia Globe Editorial - February 4, 2014

After coming second at the recent Tropfest South East Asia with his short film “Duetto”, Cambodian Polen Ly talks exclusively about his motivations and inspirations


Tides, they be a-turning

By: Liam Aran Barnes - February 4, 2014

Pattaya is trying hard to gain a less-sleazy reputation, and the number of Indians shelling out to get hitched there may be a sign things are changing


Tropfest winners: Ezequiel Paolinelli

By: Southeast Asia Globe Editorial - February 3, 2014

After coming third at the recent Tropfest South East Asia with his short film “The Last Flight” and bagging himself an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi, Ezequiel Paolinelli talks exclusively about his life, inspirations and being alone.