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On the ball?

By: Tim McLaughlin - March 25, 2013

With athletes unsure whether they will compete, and no apparent financial strategy, Myanmar’s SEA Games preparations are running far from smoothly


Lone ranger

By: Philip Heijmans - March 22, 2013

Cambodia is the land of plenty for Envotech CEO, Finn Viggo Gundersen


Horses for courses

By: Southeast Asia Globe - March 21, 2013

The Indonesian government is shaking up its live import trade after a series of animal rights incidents


Playing dirty

By: Kearrin Sims - March 20, 2013

Everyday Laotians are finding that joining the Asian Century comes with hidden costs


The vanishing

By: Caroline Vernaillen - March 19, 2013

In recent decades, thousands of people across Southeast Asia have disappeared, often at the hands of governments or their agents, and those seeking the return of a loved one often find themselves in an information black hole


Mr writer

By: Southeast Asia Globe - March 14, 2013

March’s object of desire – Jack Zylkin’s USB Typewriter