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Top 5: Famous frocks

By: SEA Globe - September 12, 2013

From raw beef to strategically placed safety pins, these creations have gone down in fashion history


One perfect night

By: Jemma Galvin - September 11, 2013

French artist Vincent Broustet’s latest solo exhibition looks at that truly distinct, yet ultimately obscure, ritual: the Khmer woman’s approach to beauty


Some like it hot

By: SEA Globe - September 11, 2013

September’s object of desire: Splinter Works’ Vessel bathtub For many of us, today’s world consists of work, work and then a bit more work.     If only ‘the man’ would deem it suitable to provide just a little bit of relaxation once in a while. But when that time comes, is it better to


Virtual reality

By: Caspar Tobias Schlenk - September 10, 2013

From fine art to fashion, the wider world is welcoming products created using 3D printers into the fold


Demonstrating restraint

By: Thomas McLean - September 7, 2013

In photos: Contrary to some predictions, the highly anticipated Cambodia National Rescue Party rally in Phnom Penh was a peaceful affair


The election: ten things we learned

By: Dr Markus Karbaum - September 6, 2013

With the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party gaining more seats than ever in the National Assembly, the political situation has shifted, meaning politicians and observers will be required to adjust their understanding of Cambodian politics