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Trapped by change

By: Thomas Cristofoletti - December 23, 2013

The impending Don Sahong dam has the potential to cause environmental catastrophe and destroy the livelihoods of the area’s daredevil fishermen


All geared up

By: Christian Vits - December 20, 2013

Synonymous with speed and style, Porsche is eager to grab a slice of the Cambodian luxury car market. Graeme Hunter is the man behind the wheel in the Kingdom


The major and the monster

By: Daniel Otis - December 19, 2013

From Lon Nol’s army, to an American doughnut shop, to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia – the strange and restless saga of Son Arun


To catch a queen

By: Philip Jacobson - December 17, 2013

Recent corruption scandals have ignited the debate about dynastic politics in Indonesia. But even experts are unsure of how to address this world of clandestine meetings and mystical martial-arts clans


Trending: December’s essential items for stylish living

December 16, 2013

Scent of a man by Archer For the masculine male who’s got everything, Archer’s trio of air fresheners could be just the ticket. The three scents are all man: ‘European Sports Car’ is scented with worn leather, heaving horsepower and a hint of brutish aftershave. The ‘Distillery’ version wafts with charred oak, sour mash and enough


Eat street

By: Jemma Galvin - December 13, 2013

The street food of Southeast Asia is one of the region’s biggest attractions. Now, the discerning foodies of the West are beginning to fall under its delicious spell


Top five: Southeast Asian Games mascots

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - December 11, 2013

You’ve been chosen to host a prestigious international games event, spent a huge chunk of change building stadiums, lost hair over having enough hotel rooms and then you realise you’ve forgotten to design a mascot… 


The price is rice

By: Amanda Saxton - December 10, 2013

A world-first technology is turning tonnes of waste into biofuel and could transform the way the Kingdom approaches agriculture


Hip to be Squar

By: Bridget Di Certo - December 9, 2013

The launch of Myanmar’s first local-language social networking site is a sign of the digital times gripping the nation


A quiet struggle

By: Carlos Sardiña Galache - December 6, 2013

Myanmar’s LGBT community suffers abuse, stigma and the legacy of colonial and dictatorial rule. Slowly, however, it is mobilising and finding a voice