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The wood for the trees

By: Colin Meyn and Mech Dara - January 10, 2014

Despite community efforts to combat illegal logging, Cambodia’s forests continue to be pillaged at an alarming rate, while the government’s promises are frequently exposed as empty


Don’t think I’ve forgotten

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - January 9, 2014

 A gallery of images to herald the world premiere of the documentary film “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten – Cambodia’s Lost Rock & Roll”


Mixed blessings

By: Kirsten Han - January 9, 2014

For some on Singapore’s death row, recent changes to legislation offer hope, but campaigners stress that the law is vague and will not guarantee justice


How Myanmar’s young women can get ahead

By: Pauline Chiou - January 8, 2014

Myanmar has made steps towards reforming its education system, but there’s a long road to travel before the country can catch up with the rest of Asia, particularly for women and girls.


Bringing home the bacon

By: Sacha Passi - January 8, 2014

Janet Lim Napoles is the woman at the heart of the Philippines’ multimillion-dollar pork barrel scam. But is she a criminal mastermind?


Top five: Art at auction

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - January 6, 2014

Bali’s beauty has entranced many a visitor through the ages, not least the three Southeast Asia-based artists whose works have commanded record prices at Christie’s Hong Kong auctions


At the art of it

By: Jemma Galvin - January 3, 2014

Lorenzo Rudolf, the founder and director of Art Stage Singapore, is helping transform the exhibition industry in Southeast Asia


The collectors

By: Jemma Galvin - January 2, 2014

A new wave of VIPs is driving the market at the increasingly popular Art Stage Singapore – a mammoth showcase for the region’s dynamic art market