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Rangoon days

By: Massimo Morello - December 20, 2012

Amid the capital’s rush for modernisation, the Governor’s Residence is keeping it colonial


“I can say this is the same as the crisis in Thailand in 1997. Property investors pushed the prices so high. They bought for speculation – not for use”

By: Southeast Asia Globe - December 20, 2012

Hua Ngoc Thuan, a senior Vietnamese Communist Party official, compares his country’s economic woes to the Asia market crash of 15 years ago. Construction sites sit abandoned in cities across the nation, helping spark talk of an economic meltdown. Investors lapped up credit and embarked on hundreds of building projects with the aim of making


Dancing to a Thai tune

By: Southeast Asia Globe - December 19, 2012

Finally, the opportunity to laugh at uncoordinated celebrities desperate for a final crack at the fame game is coming to Thailand


“The most amazing improvement is the growth of young khmer riders”

By: Southeast Asia Globe - December 17, 2012

In December, 700 cyclists from 25 countries will don Lycra for the 7th annual Angkor Bike Race and Ride to raise money for vulnerable children in Cambodia. Todd Sigaty, race founder and board member of host organisation Village Focus International, saddles up for a chat about fancy dress, medals and speedy racers