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Holy activism

By: Clothilde Le Coz and Daniel Besant - April 4, 2014

“A bundle of sticks can’t be broken,” according to an old Cambodian proverb. It is a philosophy that underpins a network of media-savvy monks who defy the authorities by speaking out against social injustice


Art is life

By: Marco Ferrarese - April 3, 2014

Street artists are colouring the streets of George Town, breathing new life into the city’s heritage quarter


The new pearl of Asia

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - April 2, 2014

Advertorial: Phnom Penh is braced to welcome a landmark development of such an international and luxurious standard that it could propel the capital back to the level of splendour it enjoyed many decades ago


The view from here

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - April 2, 2014

Advertorial: The forthcoming Mekong View Tower II promises a new level of luxury just across the river from Phnom Penh


Flipping the bird

By: Daniel Besant - April 2, 2014

Land grabs, rampant deforestation and rumoured multibillion-dollar fortunes have been the hallmark of Taib Mahmud’s tenure as chief minister of Sarawak. And now he has become the state’s governor


The music man

By: Jemma Galvin - March 31, 2014

Master chapei player Kong Nay is a Cambodian living legend. Overcoming unimaginable hurdles, his music continues to inspire young and old


After the storm

By: Denise Hruby - March 26, 2014

Cambodia’s health system struggles to cope with a high incidence of mental disorders – a festering legacy of the Khmer Rouge regime