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The butterfly effect

By: Gareth Lewis - June 11, 2013

 As the nature of China’s economic expansion changes, what will imbalances in its economy mean for Southeast Asia?


No respite

By: Himaya Quasem - June 11, 2013

Fleeing persecution in Myanmar, one Rohingya Muslim found himself subjected to further abuse at the hands of the Thai navy


A long, loud silence

By: Daniel Otis - June 2, 2013

By Daniel Otis Myanmar’s voice of democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been decidedly silent about human rights abuses since winning a seat in parliament last year.  She was criticised in March for backing the expansion of a Chinese-financed copper mine that would lead to the forced eviction of 50 families. Earlier, when asked if [...]


A history of violence

By: Daniel Otis - June 1, 2013

By Daniel Otis The Burmese conquest of Arakan in 1784 led to the death and displacement of thousands of ethnic Arakanese. In 1824, a British invasion caused even more carnage. Under both Burmese and British rule, the Arakanese remained resentful and rebellious. As the Imperial Japanese Army advanced into Burma during the Second World War, [...]


An issue of identity and land

By: Daniel Otis - June 1, 2013

By Daniel Otis The ‘Rohingya question’ lies at the heart of the issue in Rakhine state. Groups such as the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) state that the moniker was adopted by Bangladeshi immigrants in the 1950s. Rakhine state’s Muslims claim that they have lived in the region and called themselves Rohingya for centuries. The [...]