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“They said let’s consider either Cambodia or Myanmar because these are two countries still facing resistance on a daily basis”

By: Southeast Asia Globe - March 4, 2013

The World Health Organisation (WHO)’s malaria team leader in Cambodia, Steven Bjorge, explains to the Cambodia Daily why the organisation will move its regional malaria office to Phnom Penh. Resistance to Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies has been growing along the Thai-Cambodia border, although 2012 saw a record low for malaria deaths in Cambodia, with just 47


What lies beneath

By: Tridivesh Singh Maini & Manish Vaid - March 1, 2013

The Myanmar-Bangladesh-India gas pipeline project that was dismissed by many is back on the agenda


Smash & burn

By: Bridget Di Certo - February 28, 2013

Ambiguous laws and a weak court system add up to big trouble for uprooted villagers trying to get a fair deal


Saving grace

By: Daniel Otis - February 22, 2013

Fifteen years after surviving a horrific plane crash, Andy Bedard finds his calling in Cambodia


A buzz of fear

By: Frédéric Janssens - February 21, 2013

  Tremendous progress against malaria has been achieved in the past decade, but a new genetic mutation could wipe out this success in Southeast Asia… and across the world


Higher education

By: Southeast Asia Globe - February 21, 2013

Yale University is building foundations in Southeast Asia, but critics say its liberal concepts won’t work in Singapore’s censored state


“A guest wanted a bottle of ketchup to go with his foie gras”

By: Southeast Asia Globe - February 20, 2013

Eric Costille, a native of Cannes, France, is the executive chef tasked with calling the tune at Spiral, the Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s flagship restaurant. Following an $11m restaurant reboot, Costille has assembled a team of seven master chefs to bring the tastes of Asia’s sidewalks and hawker centres to Manila