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Bringing the heat

By: Dene Mullen - March 12, 2013

Ahead of their performance at the Big Wig Festival in Singapore, Cuban Brothers founder Miguel Mantovani discusses Spanish children’s entertainers, nude sunbathing and Tom Jones having sex with a cardboard box


A smooth ride?

By: Philip Heijmans - March 8, 2013

The Kingdom’s automobile industry is revving its engine and hoping to turn heads


Black water

By: Mary Kozlovski - March 6, 2013

Brave volunteers are pushing their bodies to the limit as they  prepare to search for ordnance in the Kingdom’s murky rivers


“They said let’s consider either Cambodia or Myanmar because these are two countries still facing resistance on a daily basis”

By: Southeast Asia Globe - March 4, 2013

The World Health Organisation (WHO)’s malaria team leader in Cambodia, Steven Bjorge, explains to the Cambodia Daily why the organisation will move its regional malaria office to Phnom Penh. Resistance to Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies has been growing along the Thai-Cambodia border, although 2012 saw a record low for malaria deaths in Cambodia, with just 47


What lies beneath

By: Tridivesh Singh Maini & Manish Vaid - March 1, 2013

The Myanmar-Bangladesh-India gas pipeline project that was dismissed by many is back on the agenda


Smash & burn

By: Bridget Di Certo - February 28, 2013

Ambiguous laws and a weak court system add up to big trouble for uprooted villagers trying to get a fair deal