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Irrawaddy express

The company behind arguably the world’s most celebrated rail journey, the Orient Express from Singapore to Bangkok, is searching out a new frontier in Myanmar. A new cruise route up the Irrawaddy River is set to open in July 2013, on a locally built cruiser named Orcaella after the famed dolphins that call the Irrawaddy

Climate change in Southeast Asia

Exposed and vulnerable: Southeast Asia is vulnerable to climate change for three main reasons. Firstly, most of the population and economic activity is along the coastline, which is more vulnerable to physical impacts such as storms and rising sea levels. Secondly, the economy is closely linked to natural resources, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, which

Rice, rice baby

While rice consumption in Asia is declining rapidly as a consequence of the region’s economic growth, rising disposable income, lifestyle changes and massive rural-to-urban labour migration, the staple remains Asia’s most important crop. It continues to be the single largest source of calories for the majority of consumers who are poor; in 2007, rice accounted

A giant magazine

916: The number of pages in Vogue’s September 2012 issue, which celebrated the magazine’s 120th anniversary. Lady Gaga adorned the cover of a tome that weighed just over two kilos and featured 658 pages of advertisements.

In Brief: ASEAN

The creation of the Asean Economic Community will likely be postponed by a year, said secretary general Surin Pitsuwan. The implementation of the AEC was scheduled for January 1, 2015, but it may be pushed back to December 31 of that year.

Financial support in Myanmar

85 million: The amount of support, in dollars, the World Bank Group will provide in grants to benefit men, women and children in Myanmar through community-driven development programmes, which will allow communities to decide which projects to invest in. In addition to helping alleviate poverty, the grants are intended to build confidence in the reform

Vietnamese rice

5’000: The amount of rice pledged, in tonnes, by Vietnam to flood-hit North Korea. Flooding in the reclusive state has killed at least 169 people and inundated tens of thousands of hectares of crop land since June. The disaster represents a challenge for Kim Jong-un, who is leading a nation that has grappled with severe

An interview with artist Pham Huy Thong

“I like to create multi layers of meaning in my paintings. it’s fun to play hide and seek” Pham Huy Thong is an artist with a conscience. Raised in a politically aware family in his native Vietnam, he has gone on to create incredible works that deal with the often broken society he finds around