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Dangerous minds

By: Denise Hruby - November 15, 2013

A recent United Nations report stated that 11.3% of Cambodian men had raped a woman in the past year. Here, four sex workers share their shocking stories of rape, gang rape and violence


You old charmer

By: Massimo Morello - November 13, 2013

Few Bangkok hotels can compete with the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s colourful history and trove of illustrious guests


Sharing is caring

By: George Steptoe - November 12, 2013

Are Indonesia’s young digital natives amusing themselves into a state of political antipathy, or will the latent capacity of social media be unleashed in next year’s elections?


Virtual democracy

By: Colin Meyn - November 11, 2013

The rapid spread of social media is altering Cambodia’s political landscape, and the old guard is struggling to keep up


Top five: Backpacker activities

By: Southeast Asia Globe editorial - November 8, 2013

There are some things that travellers just love to do, and time spent “on the road” in Southeast Asia is the perfect opportunity for them to indulge their inner goon


Peace at last

By: Manuel Meyer - November 7, 2013

The tubing party is over in Vang Vieng, but tourism has managed to stay afloat


Licence to kill

By: Sacha Passi - November 1, 2013

Malaysia’s brazen Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is determined to reduce the country’s alarming gang activity at any cost


Wanted: wealthy tourists

By: Liam Aran Barnes - November 1, 2013

The re-emergence of the Thai Elite Card is indicative of Thailand’s push to become a luxury tourism destination


Public enemies

By: Rebecca Foster - November 1, 2013

Gang warfare has gripped Malaysia, and while authorities have upped their game against organised crime, little is being done to address the roots of the problem


Suck it up

By: Amanda Sexton - November 1, 2013

Chi Phat is no walk in the park, but visitors prepared to rough it will be rewarded with an unforgettable travel experience