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Bit by bit

By: Philip Heijmans - July 14, 2014

For many, the digital currency known as bitcoin is a step into the future. For others, it is an unregulated liability. In a region brutally divided between the haves and have-nots, its benefits could spark a revolution


The power of the flower

By: Vincenzo Floramo - July 11, 2014

The T’ang National Liberation Army declared a war on opium in 2012, but the Shan State militia must tread lightly, as addiction and loss of income could spell ruin for the area’s people


Stronger than the bullet

By: Jemma Galvin and Joana Maria Tacken - July 10, 2014

From the birth of nations to the present day, diverse political activity and rampant corruption makes regional politics a motley beast


A constitutional conundrum

By: Sebastian Strangio - July 9, 2014

In recent years, Myanmar has shaken off its hermetic status and been embraced by the international community. However, the country’s constitution remains a significant stumbling block to overcoming its militaristic past


Stuck in the middle with you

By: Markus Karbaum - July 8, 2014

Cambodia’s struggle for self-assertion is a balancing act, with parallels to the 1960s when Prince Sihanouk tried to safeguard his nation’s neutrality in the Vietnam War


All aboard

By: Jennifer Meszaros - July 7, 2014

The planned high-speed railway between Singapore and Kunming in China could be the catalyst for even greater Chinese influence in the region


The arts club: One FC

By: Dene Mullen - July 4, 2014

From the arm-triangle choke to the heel hook, there are myriad ways for mixed martial artists to dole out a healthy dose of pain to their opponents. Southeast Asia Globe joins One Fighting Championsip in Singapore to learn more about the sport that is taking the region by storm


Second fiddle: Kem Sokha

By: Daniel Besant - July 2, 2014

Kem Sokha has been a prominent human rights activist and head of his own party, but will his biggest challenge be as second-in-command to his former political rival?


The final countdown

By: Ismira Lutfia Tisnadibrata - July 1, 2014

Following a breakneck round of elections and coalition-building, Indonesia has been left with a straight choice for its next president: Joko Widodo or Prabowo Subianto?


Sailing against the tide: Chuwit Kamolvisit

By: Liam Aran Barnes - June 27, 2014

Once Bangkok’s massage parlour king, then a notorious politician, Chuwit Kamolvisit seems somewhat disillusioned these days. Will he throw in the towel and sail away from Thai politics or pursue his fight against corruption?