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Asean steps up

As the economic momentum increasingly moves to Southeast Asia, a region with diverse economies and a large workforce, the region is tipped to power growth in Asia for the next two decades, according to IHS Global Insights, a global information company that offers industry and economic analysis. Thanks in part to Asean’s trade with China,

Natural gas in Thailand

Hungry for fuel: Two days after the launch of Thailand’s first station to charge electric vehicles, the Ministry of Energy announced that Thailand will be a fuel hungry nation in ten years’ time. The Kingdom can currently produce 44% of the country’s demand for natural gas and oil, a figure that will lower to 18% in

September: The good, the bad, the peculiar

  Bad: Up to 17 endangered pangolins have died in an animal smuggling bust in Indonesia after 85 of the species were seized at a bus station stuffed in sacks. Authorities suspect they were headed to Vietnam or China where the animal is considered a delicacy and its scales are used for medicinal purposes. The