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Cambodia’s building blocks: part 3

How climate change drives debt bondage in Cambodia’s booming brick industry

By: Janelle Retka and Leng Len - Photography by: Thomas Cristofoletti - November 12, 2018

As the Phnom Penh construction boom begins to permeate secondary cities, demand for locally produced clay bricks has seen full kilns selling out at unprecedented rates. But a transformation to Cambodia’s rural economy – led in part by remittances from construction workers on these sites and microfinance loans – has increased costs in the countryside,

The Future of Energy

Hanergy: the company using thin-film solar to bring power to everyday households

By: Lesly Lotha - November 8, 2018

Hanergy is a thin-film solar power company from China that was established in 2009. It was selected as one of the 50 smartest companies in the world back in 2014, after establishing itself as a worldwide brand. Southeast Asia Globe speaks to Wang Yi, the company’s sales director in Cambodia, who talks about the futuristic

Hassan al-Kontar

The story of Malaysia’s airport refugee: ‘Tom Hanks knows what it’s like’

By: Jonathan Stock - November 8, 2018

Syrian Hassan al-Kontar had been living in Kuala Lumpur International Airport for more than half a year before Malaysian police arrested him with plans to deport him back to war-torn Syria. No country wanted to take him in when he found himself stranded. He lived without papers in an unreal place, hoping for a miracle, and

Cambodian politics

Is Hun Sen’s long-time rival really a ‘democratic alternative’?

By: Paul Millar - November 5, 2018

Cambodia’s Interior Minister Sar Kheng has long been hailed by Western diplomats as a more liberal alternative to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s decades-long strongman rule. But with the factional heavyweight growing increasingly strident in his criticism of corruption and incompetence within the ruling party, just what has the former Khmer Rouge cadre done to deserve this reputation?