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“Some of the best and brightest will leave”

By: Paul Millar - December 22, 2017

With Cambodia’s main opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) dissolved and 118 of its officials banned from politics for five years, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party has effectively crushed the last threat to his 30-year rule. Occidental College associate professor Sophal Ear discusses the new face of resistance in a nation that no longer


Cambodian dancer’s success in performing arts despite initial lack of interest

By: Nathan Paul Southern - December 20, 2017

Chumvan ‘Belle’ Sodhachivy is a classical and contemporary dancer who will perform in New York and Boston this month as part of Bangsokol, a stage production combining music and film. Before jetting off, the choreographer down with Southeast Asia Globe at Phnom Penh’s National Museum to share her advice for young dancers