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The most interesting, politically independent magazine dealing with Southeast Asia.

Strategic Alliance Network (SANET)

Southeast Asia Globe is a print and online media resource that showcases the most interesting
people, places and events that shape today’s ASEAN region. Presented in a photo-rich and accessible
format, the publication covers a variety of topics on current affairs, business, development and

Launched in January 2007, Southeast Asia Globe continues to be a leading source for English
language news, analysis and features. Our online publications demonstrate our innovation-driven
approach to digital publishing reaching a global audience with an interest in Southeast Asia.


Giving you the edge in a rapidly evolving business environment, Southeast Asia Globe produces cross-platform media for people and companies invested in the region. Creating bespoke advertising opportunities while securing marketing return on investment (ROI) for leading brands, we position your business at the heart of one of the world’s most prosperous markets


Our target market includes expatriates living in Southeast Asia and decision makers seeking opportunities on an international level. Our readers value the sophisticated journalistic content produced by our dedicated editorial staff.


Our mission is to become a leading media brand and resource for Southeast Asian affairs, business and culture. Driven by insightful, topical content we enable our readers to make informed choices while living or doing business in Southeast Asia.


Comprised of international media specialists with a passion for high quality journalism, Southeast Asia Globe’s team aims at providing our readers and partners with insightful, high-quality content from a global perspective.