Sponsored / ABA offers financial power in your palm

Posted on: July 30, 2018 | Business

ABA Mobile app goes above and beyond to provide ABA Bank customers with inimitable access and options that put them in total control of their own finances and future – all from the comfort of their smartphones

With the press of a button, the welcoming, navy blue home screen of ABA Bank’s mobile app unfolds on user’s smartphone screen and offers convenient access to their accounts and cards. In a moment, it’s possible to check account balances, transfer money to anybody in Cambodia or pay various bills. It’s ABA Mobile’s fresh additional features, however, that set it ahead of the banking curve and make the accessibility of ABA banking unlike that of any other in Cambodia.

After logging into their user account on ABA Mobile by providing a PIN or scanning biometrics, customers are brought to a clean list of their accounts, including balances and recent activity from each account so they can monitor spending and saving from home, office or place of business. Weaving further into the app by just clicking a button on the bottom right-hand of their screen, users can now easily open a new savings or term deposit account without the hassle of waiting in queues at their local ABA branch.

“We at ABA understand how precious our customers’ time is, and offer the remote account opening for a more hassle-free banking,” says Zokhir Rasulov, Chief Digital Officer for ABA. “With ABA Mobile, it becomes easier to start saving for some long-awaited purchase or open an additional account for, say, your kid’s savings,” he adds.

What’s more, rather than using the pre-set terms for accounts that are available over the counter, ABA Mobile users are able to choose a more flexible deposit term, from one month to three years. They can also enjoy competitive interest rates that help reaching savings goals and progress.

“You can customise it yourself,” Rasulov explains, adding that this was one of exclusive features added to the app as ABA Bank focused on providing the best user experience.

Just as easily, customers can instantly issue their own virtual Visa or Mastercard for free.

“Virtual cards act almost like a regular payment card,” Rasulov says. “You don’t have it physically, but it’s always on your phone. Just issue it in the app when you are ready to make a purchase, and enjoy the online shopping.”

This form of payment card provides users with more security than a regular debit card, as they must first unlock their phone using either their fingerprint, face, or passcode before logging into ABA Mobile app, as opposed to merely pulling a card from a wallet. Hence, ABA Mobile users are more financially safe, and they can also budget their virtual cards, limiting their spending up to $5,000 per day according to their specific desire or block it temporarily until the next purchase. Having no monthly or transaction fee, ABA’s virtual cards become a perfect tool for secure online shopping or in-app purchases from your smartphone’s app store.

Returning to the app home screen, users can easily access ABA PAY, which allows quick cashless payments at over 100 shops, restaurants, and online platforms that have partnered with ABA. Scanning a QR code at the counter or merchant website’s checkout page, the app feature then prompts selecting the ABA account or available cards from which the amount will be deducted to pay for items. After choosing the source of payment and finalizing the purchase by entering security PIN, ABA Mobile users can be on their way, enjoying their day rather than fumbling through cash notes.

“The number of outlets keeps growing,” Rasulov says, and soon “our customers can pay the same way across the world”.

Already, ABA Mobile is improving customers’ lives by making efficient and smart banking accessible nationwide and placing control over finances in the palm of their customers’ hands.