The Globe as you know it is changing.
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The Globe as you know it is changing.

Since 2007, Southeast Asia Globe has been a space for some of the region’s best writers and photographers to take our readers behind the headlines into the stories that shape people’s lives. Every month, you could expect to pick up our latest print edition and find high-quality journalism, analysis and artwork waiting on every page. And since 2007, we’ve fought to uphold our promise of quality and independence to you, our readers.

But, like we said, the world is changing. Print publications just aren’t reaching the audiences they need to fulfil their promise of informing, educating and entertaining the public. Advertisers continue to invest in digital platforms while printing costs creep ever higher. Print may not be dead, but it’s fighting for its life. And we’re tired of waiting by a sickbed for its condition to improve. We want to be present at the birth of something new.

That’s why Southeast Asia Globe is relaunching as a member-driven platform featuring daily long-form features combining world-class journalism with enthralling art design and data-centered tech. Through our core pillars – Power, Money, Life and Earth – we are focusing in on the central issues that our readers have always engaged with most, with the same in-depth coverage of politics, business, social affairs and the environment that you’ve come to expect since 2007.

But leaving print behind us doesn’t just save our backs from lugging stacks of magazines across Southeast Asia. It opens up a global readership who don’t just want to read the news, but have a say in the stories that we tell and the way that we tell them. We’re not asking you to take out another magazine subscription – our stories are open to all. What we’re offering our members is a space where they can pitch and vote on the stories that they think deserve to be told. We want to inspire an engaged and active community of members who vote for, comment on and contribute to the stories that matter most to them. We want to work with our members to curate the way they engage with the news – not just as readers, but as an active extension of our editorial team.

That’s how we’re changing to bring you great stories. Here’s how we’re not.

We’re independent. Always have been, always will be. We’re not owned by any corporation or aligned with any state. We choose the stories that we tell, and the way that we tell them.

We’re creative. We’re not interested in churning out breaking news stories on the hour, every hour. We believe that the best stories are the ones that come alive on the page, digging deeper into the issues that shape Southeast Asia – and bringing you along for the ride. From our dedicated designers to our new software development team, our commitment is to constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways of reaching out to our readers.

We’re open. Challenging governments, NGOs and businesses to be transparent with the public means nothing if we keep our own readers in the dark. That’s why we will be completely open about why we tell the stories that we tell – and how we pay for them. Work with us to build something that endures where many media fail, and decide with us exactly where that money is going.

Above all, we’re optimistic. And yeah, we know what you’re thinking. Faced with impending climate collapse, the rise of right-wing authoritarian governments across the world, widening wealth and income inequality and deepening divisions rooted in race or gender or creed, it’s hard not to open the papers and feel the weight of the world pressing down. But we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t believe that when people work together, they can make their little corner of the world a more just, open and equal place.

And that’s why we can’t do this without you. We believe that across the globe is a community of people who care deeply about social justice, environmental action and press freedom – and who will join in to help make those ideals a reality. We’re not just holding our hand out – we need your voice to play a vital role in building Southeast Asia Globe into a leading space for progressive causes in the region. Tell us what stories the mainstream media is missing. Share with us the causes that matter most to you, and how we can champion those causes not just across Southeast Asia, but the world.

Our vision is clear. By 2025, we want to be recognised for building a great space for outstanding journalists from across the region to explore new ways of telling Southeast Asia’s most vital stories. Let’s bring together a community of engaged and loyal members who want to help reshape the media rather than just read it. And we want to reach a point where our readers, not advertisers, are the ones working to support our shared vision of an inclusive media.

We can’t do this without you. Let’s get together and build something that we all believe in.

If you’re interested in joining us, sign up to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. And watch this space.

Inspire Asean set for Phnom Penh launch

By: Focus Asean Editorial - Posted on: July 14, 2016 | Business

Inspire Asean

On 20 July, Phnom Penh will be host to Inspire Asean, a business forum that brings together leading thinkers and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, insight and inspiration with a new generation of business people and decision makers in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

Keynote speakers will give a series of 30-minute lively and engaging presentations that will provide genuine takeaways for the audience. These presentations will be followed by a panel discussion where speakers and attendees interact closely while building on the knowledge imparted during presentations.

This year, the lead speaker is Chris J Reed, Global CEO and founder of Black Marketing, an official LinkedIn Power Profile and voted Asia’s Most Influential Digital Media Professional.

Going right down to the nuts and bolts of day-to-day business, Inspire Asean will offer guidance, knowledge and exchange that will allow attendees to enhance their growth and that of their company.

Sponsors for the event include Havas RiverorchidInternational Business Chamber of CambodiaSofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra and Smart.

Inspire Asean speaker profiles:

Chris J Reed

Inspire Asean

Chris is the Founder & Global CEO of Black Marketing which is a global marketing consultancy that specialises in enabling LinkedIn for C-suite executives and entrepreneurs across the world. He has taken the company from one person in one country in 2014 to a full listing on the NASDAQ in 2016.

Chris has been named as an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 2012-2016, has one of the world’s most viewed LinkedIn profiles with 70,000 followers, hundreds of recommendations, is one of the top 100 most influential LinkedIn Bloggers and is an international best-selling author with his book LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs.

Chris has also been awarded Asia’s Most Influential Digital Media Professional by CMO Asia and The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Small Business Rising Star 2015. His late grandfather always told him that it was: “not what you know, it was who you know” and LinkedIn has proved him right.

Topic: 10 top tips for how to use LinkedIn (and some for what not to do)

Chris Bryce

Inspire Asean

Chris Bryce is CEO at Dotfusion Digital Agency, operating out of Toronto, California and now, Phnom Penh. The Phnom Penh office has a unique focus on teaching, mentoring and surfacing creative digital talent.

Chris also has a role as a senior consultant with Razorfish Commerce, a global leader in planning and delivering e-commerce websites. He works with large brands like Amway, Home Depot, Cirque Du Soleil and Pepsi. Chris also oversees a digital analytics practice called The Analytics Bus Company and is a partner in one of Toronto’s largest co-working spaces called Welcome Space.

Chris is a Google Partner, certified in both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. He spends most of his time travelling between Canada, the US and Cambodia, helping organisations deliver and optimise their digital transformation through strategic foresight, innovation and analytical insights.

Much of the work Chris oversees is focused on creating a more engaging user experience across all the digital channels (web, mobile, social, email and media). To achieve a high performing and optimised digital experience, projects need to be informed by both emotionally driven creative and data driven insights. This is where intensive IA and UX work is enhanced and informed by data and insights.

Chris is most passionate at the intersection of technology, creativity, purpose and adventure. He is often found mentoring people on the use of creative and analytics software tools, creating house and techno music and is looking forward to further exploring Cambodia on his mountain bike.

Topic: Digital analytics and insights for business

Vishnu Mohan

Inspire Asean

Vishnu took up the responsibility of setting up the media network from scratch for Havas Group in Asia in 2005. The youngest international network has continued to grow aggressively under his watch and has emerged as a challenger brand well recognised for its unique positioning.

As the CEO of Havas Media Group Asia Pacific, he oversees offices in 18 countries in the region, spanning across 25 cities under the brand names of Havas Media, Arena Media, Havas Sports & Entertainment and specialist brands Mobext and Ecselis.

Having spent 20 years in the industry, Vishnu has worked across account management, strategic planning and agency management roles at creative and media agencies in India, China, Singapore and United Kingdom. Starting his advertising career with Y&R in India, where he looked after the Colgate Palmolive business, he moved to Euro RSCG (now Havas Worldwide) Singapore in 1995. Under his stewardship, Euro RSCG grew to be one of the most successfully integrated 360 agencies, winning the Agency of the Year at the very first Effies in Singapore.

Vishnu is a regular participant in regional and global industry event and has been invited on the jury of top festivals around the world. He is also on the board of the Asia Chapter of Mobile Marketing Forum and regularly speaks at industry events like Ad Tech, Festival of Media, Mobile Marketing Forum, and Asia Pacific Media Forum.

He is a passionate champion of the group’s global approach- Meaningful Brands – which outlines a huge opportunity for brands to reconnect with consumers. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad. Based out of Singapore, Vishnu likes to spend his free time with his wife and two young daughters.

Topic: Marketing – tryst with technology

Zoran Vasiljev

Zoran Vasiljev
Zoran Vasiljev

Zoran Vasiljev is the Chief Strategy Officer at Axiata Digital. In his role he is responsible for the design and implementation of the overall strategic direction of the Axiata Digital as well as portfolio management of the Axiata Digital assets. Zoran has over 20 years of international management and operational experience in the TMT sector. During his career, he engaged and led extensive consulting, operational and management projects in the EU, MENA and APAC regions. Prior to joining Axiata Digital, he held senior roles with StarHub, Arthur D. Little, Value Partners and Peppers & Rogers Group.

Zoran’s expertise lies in strategy & business development, business & operational models, marketing, customer experience, M&A, cost & efficiency improvements, project management and implementation. He also lectures and serves as advisor to a number of CEOs and is an esteemed and regular speaker at international conferences.

Topic: Interactive session  marketing strategy


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